Only One Event Left!

This past Sunday marked our next to last autox event. Turned out pretty well actually.

It was at the Arnot Mall. The weather was great. We had 34 registered cars. We event got 9 runs in. What more can you ask for?

Only one other car in ST - a Jetta that had some suspension work (no idea what though). I won the class and had best time for all of the Street Touring classes. I think I was even 5th overall (PAX) out of the 34 drivers.

I've also got results, pics and videos from the day!


Pics here:

Videos... well, click through to the rest of the post for all three of them.

My best run, a 38.5, from an awkward camera mounting point (was just testing):

ALL of my runs from the day:

And an awesome video from Jen's dad:

The next event is 9/27 at the Seneca Army Depot. We also have another RallyX event coming up on 10/11!

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