Look... I know Joe has a big history of sportsmanship and trying not to run up the score, but could we just finish a game with the starters for once?

The last two weeks people keep saying Penn State has been softening up in the second half. Well... maybe that is partially (no, not completely) because we're putting in the 2nd string after we get a little cushion? Then the other team scores on that 2nd team and PSU ends up not looking as good as they maybe really played.

There are obviously a few things that they need to work on (run game?), but it looks like they're playing pretty solid overall. Especially the defense. Sean Lee had something like 13 tackles and 1 sack. Nate Stupar with the interception. Things are looking good there.

As well as Daryll Clark is playing, the interceptions are a bit worrisome. Of course, last week we more of a receiver issue... but still. Not to mention the bobbled snap at the 2 on 4th down. That just shouldn't happen.

Then again... they are 2-0 now. So we're still winning. Thing is if the Big Ten is to get any respect, we should be winning bigger. Even more so in these "preseason" non-conference games.

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