Aquafresh Iso-Active

Aquafresh Iso-Active

I don't know what these people were thinking, but this was a BAD idea.

Toothpaste in an aerosol can? Really?

So I bit the bullet and picked it up. The "foaming action" sounds like it could help me on the days I um... floss less. Or not at all. Which is a lot. Can't be that bad, right?

Wrong. You don't even think about it until you put it in your mouth, but this shit is exactly like shaving cream. It comes out as a gel and then turns into a foam as you brush. I swore the first time I used it, I had grabbed the wrong can of something. The initial taste is quite awful. It gets a little better as you brush, but you never really get all of that out of there.

I'm actually going to try to stick with it for a little while... but my hopes are not incredibly high for it. It actually kind of scares me.

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