Apple Update Day

Lots of new from Apple today (as just about every other blog on the internet is going to report). Real quick, here's what I got out of it... though I'm sure there were more details that I don't care about:

  • New version of iTunes
  • Better App management and screen arrangement
  • New Nanos w/ video camera (no still pics though!)
  • Lower prices and higher capacities for the Touch
  • Genius for Apps in the App Store
  • Madden NFL 10 for Touch/iPhone

Now lets talk about that last point for just a minute... I normally don't give two craps about Madden (at least for consoles). I think it's absolutely ridiculous that EA squeezes $60 out of all of the stupid frat boys and other gamers out there year after year for mild game improvements (this goes for their other sports franchises as well - but Madden in particular holds a certain stigma for certain kinds of gamers).

Moving right along. I decided to pick this up for the iPhone today given that it was on sale for its introduction (and at $7, it's about half the price I had expected it to be). It's actually not that bad - aside from being incredibly fucking difficult to play on the iPhone. My only real complaint about the game is the commentators. I've always been of the opinion that all of the Madden games would be better off with a lot less Madden in them. But this one seems to suck even more. I'm pretty sure I heard the same comment repeated at least 3 plays in a row. I wish that were an exaggeration.

This gets really annoying after a while. I don't mind figuring out how to play the game but if I have to literally hear the same stupid commentary in EVERY series, I might have to delete it. From the sounds of things, they only programmed about 5 different comments in it for each commentator. Just sick.

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