In the ongoing App Store saga of approved/rejected Apps... Manomio's Commodore 64 Emulator (official version) was just pulled from the App Store recently for containing a BASIC code interpreter that is not supposed to be there.

Of course people are instantly up in arms at Apple for removing another app... but hold on a minute. A) It's not supposed to be there. B) Manomio KNEW that.

They even posted a blog entry saying that it was pulled and they're working to get a revised version of the app up ASAP. That's all well and good... and really, makes it look like this is one of Apple's problems again. But wait a tic... that blog entry looks different.

Here's what it used to say (before they changed it and disabled comments):

We had agreed with Apple to remove basic from the application, but as we believed it would be possible to convince Apple to let it in later on, we left it in the app to be activated remotely by us when we had “go” from Apple.

So let's read that again... you told Apple you would take it out... and then decided to leave it in the app anyway thinking you could just magically convince them later it would be OK and try to remotely enable it? So you lied to Apple, they found out, pulled the app, and now people are mad at Apple? GTFO.

This is stupid. People rag on Apple's approval/rejection process and their random rejections... but then a developer goes and does something stupid like this to fuck it up for everyone else.

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