And I'm officially upgraded to Snow Leopard (SL) on my Macbook.

To be honest, I haven't really noticed much of a performance difference yet. I didn't really do any tests before and after... but things seem to run mostly the same. There is definitely more free space (and I freed up even more afterward by deleting unnecessary stuff) - but part of that is actually up for much debate on the internets right now.

Apparently Apple decided to change the way SL measures hard drive space. It's still the same amount of space free and used... but measured differently. It's actually difficult to explain even if you completely understand it - and I don't even know if I completely understand it yet.

Anyway, everything went very smooth with the upgrade. I have a Family Pack license and also need to upgrade Jen's laptop while she's home this weekend - as well as install a copy of Windows on it for her. That's going to be some fun I can maybe do tomorrow during the Penn State game.

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