I probably check my credit and financial stuff online too often. Is that possible?

Was just going through Credit Karma again (score unchanged) and going through their Report Card thing. It's really quite nice. They show you all sorts of goodies. For example, you can see graphs of fun things like you credit utilization... or maybe even your total debt?

Total Debt

Total Debt - Going Down!

This graph is the good one... showing my total debt on a downward trend. It should continue to go down as things move forward. Thing is, this includes my student loans and car payment and such that have big chunks constantly going down. So if my actual revolving credit goes up, this trend will still continue downward.

Now on to the not so good... actual credit utilization. How much of my available credit am I using?

Credit Utilization - Needs to Go the Other Way

Credit Utilization - Needs to Go the Other Way

As you can tell, this year hasn't been fantastic for my credit usage. My debt to credit ratio isn't turning out so well here. At least it is leveling off though... maybe that means it'll start going down soon?

Don't know... but this is just a ridiculously long wait for this stuff.

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  • Chad Kacyon

    September 5, 2009 at 8:05 pm

    I check mine daily…so if you can check it too often, I’m guilty. You become sort of obsessed with it once you start though.