Got a "tweet" from @all4blackberry pointing to an article of 5 Reasons Why Blackberry is Still Better than the iPhone.

Thought "hmm... I have a BB and an iPhone, should take a look." Actually I've owned 2 different Blackberrys (7130 and Storm). Here's a quick rundown of the main points - directly followed by my responses.

1. Security. Some mention of some potential vulnerability in the iPhone and how businesses still aren't switching to the iPhone for security reasons.

Ok... so the vulnerability was patched. FAST. Non issue. If something like that was discovered for any BB, they'd do the same thing Apple did. Not a talking point. One of the things businesses like about the BB is the ability to lock it down and remotely wipe it if needed. Well as of the release of the 3GS and the better MobileMe features - remote wipe is totally possible on the iPhone now. And how about "Find My iPhone"? That said, I'll give BB a very slight advantage in this one, if only because of the BES and policy control. But they've had a hell of a head start on the iPhone in this regard.

2. Typing. I'm not even sure of real argument here but apparently it's supposed to be better on the BB. But which one?

I have the iPhone's direct BB competitor, the Storm. Typing goes to the iPhone hands down, period. I have not talked to a single person who liked typing on the Storm. I know of MANY Storms returned at work because people couldn't type on them. Even many of the other BB models suck for typing. Many users at work complain the keys are too close and they end up fat fingering lots of things. This does of course, vary by model - but it's not all sunshine and roses in the BB typing world. Trust me. BBs also have SureType, which is decent... but their autocorrections suck compared to the iPhone too. No intelligence built in from what I can tell.

3. Carriers. Apparently RIM doesn't realize they also sell BBs through AT&T?

This one literally just says "AT&T. Enough said." Well BB friends... AT&T offers a LOT of Blackberrys, so even using that as a reason they're better seems... retarded. I don't have 3G service where I live with my iPhone, but I knew that going into it and still would have rather had the iPhone. What does that say?

4. MMS. The article admits this isn't really the iPhone's problem now (though still making it sound like it is).

Yes, we all know the iPhone should have had MMS by default. But it didn't. We're past that. It has it now, but AT&T is the problem here. I have absolutely zero idea what their problem is or why it is still not enabled in the US, but that is not the iPhone's fault anymore. Non issue. Even aside from all of that. In the couple months I've had my iPhone I can't think of any specific instance where I really wanted to send a picture to someone. Hell, my Storm's camera is disabled anyway!

5. Email. Hmm, perhaps these people haven't used an iPhone since the 3.0 software came out.

I'm not sure why the big rag on push email and notifications... push is on the iPhone. And has been for a while. I don't know who wrote that article, but obviously they don't know how to use the iPhone anyway. There is no "pain logging into your account to see new emails." Even for systems that aren't push enabled (Gmail.... looking at you here), there's always Fetch. Set it to check every 5 minutes... what more do you need?

All in all, it was very obviously written by a BB biased site... and it shows. The last 3 "reasons" shouldn't even be there and to me, are not legitimate. Don't get me wrong, I like my BB for work... but I would NEVER recommend anyone get one as a personal phone. Even as a work phone, I don't care for it. It's just the best option I have.

Even my g/f wants to give up her Pearl for an iPhone. 🙂