For Labor Day weekend.

Apparently she is enjoying her hotel room though. As well as the hotel's many amenities.

Must be nice though. I can't remember the last time I stayed at a hotel and actually got to use the things that came with it. Pool. Gym. Etc. I do recall eating in a hotel's dining room a few times... but can't recall ever going for a swim or working out while I was there. Which is sad, really - because those would usually be great times to do those things.

Part of the problem may just be hours though. If I recall, the few times I've tried, I've been met with locked doors or other problems. But that is rare anyway. I haven't usually had time to try that stuff as it is.

Some day it would be nice to take a vacation to actually take a vacation. That is, when I travel, there is usually a purpose and I'm fairly limited on time and already have a set plan. I'd like to go somewhere to just do nothing. Maybe go sightseeing if I feel like it, but also enjoy vegging in the hotel for a day or two. Whatever I feel like.

Some day.