I'm doing OK. Still taking it easy, but doing OK.

Will be going back to work on Monday - but still taking it pretty slow. I don't have any stitches to rip out, but there are still some "steristrips" on me that are keeping my insides in.

Ok, maybe they're not doing that much, but they need to stay there until they fall off on their own. I'm OK to shower, but I'm trying to do that as little as possible... which is gross, actually. I don't understand how people can even go 24 hours without showering. It's freakin disgusting.

I have a followup appointment scheduled some time after Labor Day, just to make sure everything is OK - which it should be. I finally pooped today! Haha... Not really that most of you care, but it's kind of a big deal when you have some work done down there - as I understand it. So everything is working OK in that respect.

It sucked to not be able to race today though. Was really missing that - especially since it looked like the weather held out a bit longer than it originally appeared. So it was probably a pretty fun day. I did get to go and help with registration and such though. Stayed for the first few runs and took a few pictures. You can check those out in my Photo Album.

Can't wait until the next event now! It should be 9/13 at the Arnot Mall and I should be fully healed. Those are always fun events. Probably our best "spectator" location. So if you're in the area, stop by and check us out in the Sears parking lot.

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