Apparently I don't.

This might get a bit long, but it's the story, the whole story, and nothing but the story.

I woke up yesterday with just a little discomfort in my stomach - right around the belly button area. Not really painful yet - but annoying. Went to work and it eventually got a little bit worse. Just a little more annoying and starting to get painful. Left work around 2pm starting to feel more like crap.

Moped around the house for a few hours - had to take one of the cats to get some stitches out (he's fine, went OK). Got back to the house and it went up another level. Figured I'd call my mom and see what she has to say. She's thinking maybe kidney stone and that I should start drinking some water to see if it'll move. She wasn't totally sure, but it was one idea. Of course I had been on the internets looking around WebMD and such. Most of what I put in for symptoms suggested Appendicitis... but I didn't really want to believe that.

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After talking to my mom, I realized that it wasn't going to get much better anytime soon. Time for a trip to the ER. Funny how that was both stupid and wise. Stupid because I ended up waiting TWO HOURS before even getting to an actual room. Then another 1+ hours before anyone came to see me - apparently a mixup with my chart or something? No idea.

So first thing they did was take a urine sample - which showed nothing. Then 3 vials of blood, which showed a high white blood cell count. Uh oh. Typical sign of infection. Time for a CT scan.

Had to drink 3 cups of some special stuff so they can see things in the CT scan better... except that had to be spaced out through the evening. One at 11:15pm, another at 11:45pm and the last at 12:15am. Then I couldn't even get the scan until 2 hours after the first cup. So about 1:30am I finally get the scan done.

Some time after 2am, the results are in... Appendicitis. 🙁

Phone calls are made, OR things are planned. Finally around 6am I'm heading to the OR, or at least the "pre op" area. Then into the OR around 6:30. I wake up a couple hours later in recovery minus one appendix. From there I made it to a regular room sometime after 9am.

Had visits from my brother and my mom. Jen's mom was there basically the entire night. I would have probably been fine by myself, but it was nice to have someone else around - especially since she used to work there and knows how things work.

The rest of my day was just spent trying to relax and watching a little TV. Met with the Dr once to make sure I was OK. Debated staying overnight but in the end, there isn't a whole lot more the hospital would be doing for me while I was there. At least not anything special I wouldn't be able to get at home.

Ended up checking out around 8pm. Jen's mom had picked up my prescription and her dad had gotten my car home. So far so good. Just need to chill for a while and hopefully get some sleep tonight since I didn't really get any last night.

Overall I'm doing OK. Likely I'm out of work until Monday at the earliest but have to call the Dr tomorrow to schedule a followup.

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  • Jason Frisbie

    August 27, 2009 at 6:44 pm

    Whats up man heard about ur operation r u ok? Its been a while sorry for not keepin in touch. Get ahold of me sometime and well grab a beer when ur feelin better ok man sorry to hear about your apendix.