AutoX on the Dirt

It's called Rallycross (or RallyX). And it is awesome.

Spent today at Blackrock Speedway in Dundee running rallyx with 15 other people. Couldn't have planned a better Saturday. It's just like it sounds... setup a course of cones like we would normally do in a parking lot... except on dirt. We happened to be using a dirt oval track and its infield for our course. Crazy fun.

Pics are up and available here. I only got a chance to take about 20 or so. We had two run groups (and 8 runs - done before 3pm) so I didn't really have any open time to take too many. I would have been exempt from working except being low on people means everyone helps out if they can. No problem for me!

I've also gotten one of my videos uploaded - this one includes runs 1-4. We later changed the course (kind of just reversed it) and I'm working on uploading those 4 runs now. But here's the first one:

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