I Passed!

Could you pass a driving test?

Driving Test

As you get older... you forget the details of driving. You just "know how to drive." Or if you are like some people, you THINK you know how to drive.

Want to see how you do? Take the test and find out. Just click the pic on the right and you can see for yourself how much you actually know.

There are some specific questions and some "theory" type questions. Many of which you may have forgotten. I did OK and missed 3 questions. Not that bad... but one or two of the ones I missed, I probably should have gotten.

So... see how you do... then come back and comment. Let me know.

I ended up with an 83%... which you can see is a B. Good enough for me! Then again, I kind of feel like I have most of the basics down pretty well. I know some people who probably wouldn't do very well at this though.

It's funny how many things you can forget after 12 yrs of driving.


  • Chad

    August 20, 2009 at 5:09 pm

    WTF? School zones in PA are 15 MPH! I missed the % of accidents caused by alcohol and the first pedestrian one (thought they always have right of way).