If you haven't been paying attention lately, YouTube's "channel" idea SUCKED as it was before.

Wait... before? Ya, that's right, new channel setup in Beta! Now with more logic and common sense.

Previously you could basically just setup a static design and put whatever you want on it (videos, playlists, recent comments, whatever). And you could have a main video on the channel, but that's it. If people wanted to check out the rest of your videos... they had to FIND them. It wasn't always easy on some of the channels I've visited.

Now... it seems there's a bit of Ajax and a bit what the internets call Web 2.0. It's MUCH better. You can still put whatever you want on it but it is much more interactive. You can watch any one of my videos right from my home "channel" instead of having to go to another page or playlist. Not to mention there is a ton more customization available... Well, it seems like there is anyway. I never bothered to customize it very much before because it was awful.

Want a glimpse? Check out my new YouTube Channel.

Looks pretty familiar... no? 🙂 Since the customization was a bit easier, I decided to make it feel a little more familiar.

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