Ok, so they probably are fooling the fools... but not I!

Picked up a couple pair of work pants tonight after somehow managing to get some minor bleach spots on another newer pair. Usually I'd expect cheaper prices at Kohl's, but lately they're just like every other place. It's not even like their stuff is designer or anything. They still sell Dockers for $40 like everyone else and then sell their generic store brands along side them a bit cheaper.

I bought two pair of Axist dress pants today and somehow their "regular" price is $55. I don't even think the Dockers regular price is that high. Even after the "discount" they were still $30. Yes, $30 for a made up store brand. Only lower I could go is to get some Meronas at Target or whatever crap Walmart sells in their stores.

Up to this point, all of these details are expected. Most places try to display their "regular" prices when they claim to have a sale... even though everything is always on sale. Thing is, the checkout people always tell you how much you "saved" when you leave.

"You saved $50.02 today."

O RLY? I'm pretty sure I still paid too much for these pants. Maybe if I paid $50.02 instead of the $62.38 I did pay, then you could tell me I saved something. $12.36 actually. Even then... I don't know.

This isn't 5th Ave Kohl's... wake up! You're nearly a discount chain.

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  • Chad

    August 20, 2009 at 5:09 pm dude. Just go when they have sales, I get Dockers Premium that have a more modern fit for $20-$25.