What Do People Do

What do people really do for computer problems if they don't know an IT person? I mean I occasionally help out people I know, but what about everyone else?

Do that many people really rely on something like Geek Squad to help them? Do they maybe just suffer through it and ignore the problems? That is to say... They must be having problems. I've seen enough problems at work to know that people at home have to be going crazy with issues here and there.

I'd really be interested to know what people do. Though it should be said that google is a ridiculously good resource for problems. Got an error message? Type it into google and see what it says. Biggest watchout there is actually searching for help. There are a lot of crappy services out there with relation to spyware and other problems.

If by chance you do need help in that area... You just need to check out It's a cure for what ails your computer.

Funny though. I'm really curious about this.

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