Royal Fails

Ok, this show is officially out of my DVR list.

Royal Pains has become a royaly shitty show. It is mostly thanks to "Evan R Lawson, CFO of Hankmed." The guy is just annoying. He doesn't even have to be saying that... just about anything he says lately annoys me. There's a line between "funny comical sidekick" and "annoying 3rd wheel douche." He crosses it.

The blame does not lay entirely with him though... The other part of this that pushed me away is the current ongoings of Hank and Jill. Either they're together or they aren't. They don't break up and then fuck in her office that night. If it was that good, they wouldn't be breaking up. Now any time either of them see each other, the entire scene is awkward. Not even a good "oh that's so cute, they really like each other" kind of awkward. It's more of a "I wish they'd make up their fucking minds" kind of awkward.

Oh and speaking of Jill... why don't they just title the show Royal Prius (though I like my title better)?! Good god, if I wanted to watch the commercials I'll fast forward through the show - not the other way around. Listen people, the new Prius is selling fine on its own... you don't need to whore it out so bad in new TV shows.

Like I said, I'm done with this show. You ruined it, USA.

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