My car insurance renewed today for 9/09-3/10.

And to no real surprise to me, it has gone up again. Totally lost count how many times it has gone up in a row. It is absolutely retarded. And now that Jen and her car are on my policy it gives me a comparison for rate changes.

Mine went up $31 for 6 months. Her's went up $2 for the same period. Not to mention that the "law enforcement fee" doubled now. That's BS too.

People with tCs need to seriously calm themselves and stop thinking they're race cars (I know, irony...) and learn how to drive. Stop wrecking your cars and making my insurance go up!

Oh... on a more positive note, my credit score (according to Credit Karma) went up 8 points this month! I didn't expect it to go up at all for a while, so this is a nice change.

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