A curious story over on Autoblog yesterday...

Basically Colorado instituted a "Committed to a Cure" vanity license plate back in 2005 to raise awareness of breast cancer or something - because apparently no one has ever heard of it. This special plate will cost you an additional $50 registration fee.

Well what seems to be happening now is that Colorado is tacking on an additional $25 to benefit uninsured women undergoing various cancer treatment. Sounds good, right? Well just hold the phone there Charlie... the women who originally fueled the vanity plate idea now want the plate pulled.

Why? Because that $25 is not going to helping find the actual "cure" and research part of it. OK.... so presumably that initial $50 for the vanity plate is going to that research... no? Not exactly. Maybe part of it though, right? Um... no.

Wait... what? Let's go through this again, real slow.

In 2005 these women wanted to raise breast cancer research awareness and got the state to release a vanity plate for it. The vanity plate costs an additional $50. Zero dollars of that extra fee actually goes to the "cure" or any sort of research (half to the DMV for the plates, half for road maintenance). The state wants to now add on another $25 surcharge that would actually benefit uninsured women undergoing cancer treatment (breast and cervical). Now the original women want the plate retracted because none of that $25 is going to any sort of research.


When none of the original money goes to anything to do with cancer at all... and then the state (not even the activists) want to charge a little more so something actually benefits SOMEONE that is dealing with cancer... they want it pulled?

I really hope I'm missing something in this, because that sounds absolutely asinine.

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