So I'm a car person... I think that's fairly obvious. I'm not the most educated or knowledgeable about cars. I haven't always been a car person. But I like cars.... I think is what I'm trying to get at.

I also like movies about cars. Some are better than others. Then there are some that are just so bad... they're actually a lot of fun to watch. I'm talking about the Fast and the Furious series... if you didn't know. 🙂

As a quality flick, all of the movies in this series fail... but being a car person, I find great enjoyment in them - even if they did spawn an entire generation and culture of ricers. Yes... ricers. Stupid kids (or in some cases, adults) that buy crappy cars and do stupid things to them that have no value, no benefit, no performance... no real purpose other than trying to look like they might drive a race car. And they don't. "All show and no go" is a common term there. Or if you prefer the acronym: Race Inspired Cosmetic Enhancements.

Annnyway... as much as a joke as these movies are, they're fun. I've had the first three on DVD for a while and even went to see the latest at the theater when it came out.

Turns out they were all just released on BluRay (at least the new one was - the others may have already been out). What better opportunity to upgrade my poor DVDs than with fancy new BDs? No time like the present!

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