I debated with myself a lot yesterday whether or not to go to the Bedrock Cruise-In car show today. It was supposed to be iffy weather. It had been raining on and off for the last week and wasn't supposed to be that much better today.

I did end up going and it was totally worth it. It ended up being a day of two firsts... not to mention on and off rain.

I won one of the two 50/50 raffles for the day for $184. I always try to get in on them... b/c you never know... and this time that worked. I have a giant stack of 1s, 5s, and a couple other bills on my desk now that I have to take to the bank.

Secondly, I won my class in the show! Ok, so it was kind of like an autox event because there were only two of us in the "foreign" class for most of the morning. Joined by a third car later on. So it was me, a 2004 Hyundai Tiburon, and later on a 1973 VW Beetle. Ya, I know. A Beetle. But it is foreign. The Hyundai was clean, with a body kit (actually painted!)... a decent system, leather... not much else that I noticed.

I like to think that my seats helped me win that one. Without them, my car really wouldn't stand out very much. So many thanks to Corbeau for the hook up bringing me to my first car show win!

Will have pics soon. There were a total of 178 cars (and a few more not registered). I have pics of a bunch of them and there were a LOT of nice cars there. More on that later... check back!

EDIT: Pics are up!

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