Sometimes I forget how busy the summer is. And now that July is winding down and moving into August, I think I'm seeing it a bit more.

Here's what I have coming up the next few weeks:

8/2 - AutoX, Seneca
8/8 - Family Reunion
8/15 - AutoX, CCC
8/16 - 607 Car Show, Corning
8/23 - Old Tyme Car Show, Elmira (maybe)

OK, so it's not booked solid or anything but after having an autox last weekend, a car show today, and then moving into that schedule. I feel a bit swamped.

That doesn't mean I'm giving any of it up though. It should all be a lot of fun... save for that reunion. At least that is at the lake though.

I wonder what else I can squeeze in there...

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