Except when it involves my money.

My revolving debt is up again. Or at least since May. I don't know what my June numbers looked like, but probably not great. Sad part is I can't even speak to what exactly the money was spent on. Regardless, the total is going up and it sucks.

On the other side of the seesaw, my other debts are dropping. I only owe about $6200 on my car (yes, I still owe that much). Thankfully it's worth anywhere from $7k-9k for trade in (depending on what site you ask). My student loan is just above $33k and my collection is account is right around $2k. That will be paid off June of next year... thankfully. Even my car is going down pretty quickly. I've been paying about $35 more per month than minimum.

So... progress on one side, but not so much the other. Always just comes to the same issue. I have to watch my spending. Harder than it seems I guess. Patience.

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