New SeatsNo, I haven't been neglecting my site... just been busy. Monday and Tuesday were filled with installing and fighting with my seats, harnesses and the associated hardware.

So now I have two brand new Corbeau CR1 seats (red, obviously). Two black Corbeau harnesses. And an NRG Harness bar.

OEM seatbelts are gone. No more back seat passengers. And no more folding my rear seats down (the harnesses mount under the rear seat). Which is all really OK. My car is becoming more of a "race car" every day. No it isn't really a race car... but it is as close as I can get.

Many thanks to Corbeau for the awesome seats and harnesses... fantastic stuff. There's no comparison in support and fit to the OEM seats. I can't wait to try them out at the next event (8/1-8/2 @ Seneca).

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