Finally was able to order the BigTen Network.

I noticed it has been showing up on my Time Warner Cable channel guide for a little while so they must have finally worked out some sort of deal to offer it (last year was basically Satellite only to my knowledge). So I had to add it for this year to get all of the PSU games.

Found out that it was only $4/mo for an entire Sports package. I don't know exactly what else is included in the package (ESPN News, CBS College Sports, and a bunch of others, at least) but as long as it includes the BigTen Network, I don't care.

Things are coming together this year. I will have ABC HD, ESPN HD, ESPN2 HD, and BTN HD. So I'm ready for just about anything they can throw at me for Penn State football games. Sadly I may still miss one or two low end games that are only televised on regional ESPN channels. Nothing I can do about that though.

Being just across the border in NY everything up here is all Syracuse. You'd be hard pressed to go to any clothing store or sports store and find much (if any) Penn State gear. It's sad really... but its OK. That's what road trip are for. 🙂

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