Got a package in the mail today... another BluRay set. This time: Mad Men, Season 1.

If you haven't had a chance to watch this show, you should. It's not your typical crappy drama like a TNT show or something where everyone overacts and the plots are stupid. It's actually a quality show. It's on AMC and returns to Sunday nights starting August 16th for Season 3.

I'm no TV critic, but honestly I can't stand 90% of what is on TV right now - on any channel. For some reason I really enjoy this show. There are a few others too... but having just gotten the Season 1 set, it was fresh in my mind.

I do also enjoy some Burn Notice and Royal Pains (so far) on USA. They're also good summer shows and you should be watching them if you're not. At least give them a shot. Not for everyone - but better than most other crap USA is showing. They're on Thursday nights at 9pm and 10pm respectively.

Normally I'd also throw in a tip of the hat to Top Gear... but we don't really get that here in the US. I mean, we do... there's BBC America but they're probably 2 or 3 seasons behind in the programming of BBC 2, which it is actually on in the UK. The good news however, is that YouTube has a plethora of Top Gear videos. You can also catch the latest episodes online at!

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