Ew Ew Ew!

I love me some Aniello's pizza. I could eat it every day. Cheese. Pepperoni. Chicken wing. Doesn't matter, it is all delicious.

Working off of that love of their pizza, I stopped by for lunch today and saw one of the most disgusting things there that I had ever seen in a pizza place. A lady sat near me with a couple slices of cheese and proceeded to douse them in SALT!

WTF? Who needs to put salt on pizza?! It's pizza! Not only is it already delicious - but it likely already has a ton of salt in it.

But here I am just watching this lady in amazement. She didn't just shake it on there once for a touch of salt. There were like 5 or 6 shakes per slice to just cover the slice. It is a good thing I was nearly finished because I think I would have thrown up if I sat there and watched any longer.

Listen people... I know there are people out there that like to salt and pepper certain foods to add a little something. Trust me, I've had some bland dishes that really needed a lot of help. But I guarantee that Aniello's pizza is NOT one of those things. And if you think you might need to add a dash of salt to a slice... you should probably just stand up slowly and step away from the pizza.

Then GTFO.

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