So if you can't tell... I've switched blogs. Well... switched blogging software. I was previously using Nucleus for my site but after installing WordPress for Jen's new blog, I really liked the feel and features of it.

Decided to convert mine.

Per the last post... that was kind of a fail. I ended up deleting the entire thing before converting it. Luckily I had at least downloaded the backup of my posts and stuff. I just couldn't do anything with it.

As tedious as it was, I manually went through and added all of the posts back. Thankfully I had just redone my site back in June-ish and there weren't THAT many. I also left out a couple of things. This also gave me a chance to update my categories as well as tag the crap out of all of my posts.

I'm not 100% set on the theme yet... but it's OK so far.