Apps Galore!

I've had quite a few apps already for my iPhone from when I had my iPod Touch. Plenty of games and a few other random things. I've also acquired a few more since getting the phone. I figured I'd share the most popular ones I have... or basically what I still have on my phone and use on a regular basis.

I have over 60 apps downloaded in my iTunes, but they are not all on my phone. These are the ones I DO have on my phone...

  • Real Racing - fantastic racing game!
  • Fieldrunners - totally addictive tower defense
  • Flight Control - youre the tower, land the planes
  • Delicious Library - a listing of my media collections
  • Harbor Master - like Flight Control, but with boats and cargo
  • Paper Toss - most addictive FREE game ever
  • 2XL Supercross - super hard motox game
  • Top Gun - ya, that's right, jets
  • Asphalt 4 - next best racing game, one of the first greats
  • Slotz Racer - slot car racing!
  • Uno - surprisingly accurate depiction and totally fun
  • Shazam - identifies music you play, song and artist
  • DoGood - do some good, one day at a time
  • Decibel - sound meter on my phone... really

There are more... but those are the ones I use. Playing games and stuff kind of drains the battery, but it's not so bad. Even playing games for a big part of the day, it still lasts all day... and really, that's all I need.

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