Ya, I got my wisdom teeth pulled a couple months ago... but there have been some lingering issues.

Specifically a couple broken bits of tooth pushing through my gums on the inside of my lower jaw. Not incredibly painful or anything... but uncomfortable and annoying.

The right side piece came out a few weeks ago. It was probably less than 1/8" across and obviously just a chip off of the tooth that was still in my gums. Likely from some drilling or something. It had been pushing through a bit and I was finally able to kind of pry it out with my finger nail. A little blood and it was fine. Sadly, a tiny little piece followed it out a few days later from the same area.

At the time, there was also a small chunk coming out of the left side of my mouth. This one was a bit more stubborn though. Finally last night I was able to actually pry it out. A little more blood and my wisdom teeth were finally gone. Completely.

At least that I know of... I hope there aren't any more stupid little pieces of tooth left in there.

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