It's June already. Who knew?

Happenings recently include spending last weekend at Watkins Glen watching the Koni Challenge and Rolex Series races. Pretty awesome. Got burnt, took some pics, had fun. Didn't get to camp there like I was planning... but some day I'll actually have the $$ to do that (it's not expensive, I just couldn't spare it). Hopefully I'll get to go up again in a few weeks for Indy weekend and at least catch some of the SPEED World Challenge.

Finally getting rid of my crappy phone. I currently have a Helio Ocean that really hasn't been a total POS, but hasn't been great either. It was really cool when I first got it and really dug the features and the calling plan (450 min + unlimited everything else for $75/mo). But over the last two years I've noticed how awfully slow and buggy the software is as well as how crappy the web browsing really is. Oh, and I also noticed how awesome the iPhone is.

I've had an iPod Touch for a while now (which is an iPhone minus the camera/phone parts, basically) and LOVE the apps and such for it. Now that my Helio contract expired, I'm finally free. And I've preordered the iPhone 3GS. No, it wasn't as revolutionary as everyone was expecting... but it is still awesome. Love or hate Apple, that is one crazy phone.

That should be here next Friday.... so long to wait!

Oh, have I mentioned lately how much I hate paying bills? Well... I do. They suck.

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