I'm really trying to like my Blackberry Storm that I use for work. Thing is, I do like a lot of aspects of it. Like the OS... the actual interface... that sort of stuff. Works great. Easy to move around, simple to follow.

Typing... well, that sucks a lot. Their SurePress screen is probably one of the worst inventions ever. Though I don't know if it is the technology in general or their current implementation of it. I've complained about the accuracy of typing on it since I got it. I always assumed I'd get used to it. I'm not sure I will.

I do have a specific example of its retardation though. I would have just liked to see them build some intelligence into its auto correction.. if anything.

For example I don't remember the exact context of what I was typing, but the specific phrase was just something like "waiting for..."

I had accidentally typed "waiting fpr..." because the P is obviously very close to the O... and as usual, I f'd it up. But that's when the Storm goes retarded. Rather than realize my incorrect letter was very close to the O and I probably meant "for", it substitutes an A for the P. WTF?

Ya, I totally meant to hit the A instead of the O... with it being SO CLOSE to the O on the keyboard, it was an obvious mistake on my part! /sarcasm.

Honestly that's the little kind of stuff that makes me not like the Storm as much as I could. With the kind of software that went into this thing, how hard would it have really been to involve some intelligent auto correction?

Apparently just that much too hard... especially when you rush a product to market.

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