Turn it Around

I guess I'm going the wrong way with some of this debt stuff. I'm not 100% sure why... but I believe most of it is from various car needs (not necessarily parts). There was also a new digital camera involved - since BOTH batteries for my old one were bad and the camera is pretty old. No sense paying $50 for a battery when I can just get a new camera. Oh ya, and medical stuff... Wisdom teeth. More dental work. Thankfully that is all completed.

In any case, it looks like I skipped this info for April, so I have no idea what it would have been. It appears I may has well just start from scratch again.

My current revolving balance is $8775.33. So just comparing to my March numbers, I've gone up about $400. 🙁

I think most of that is dental stuff, but a chunk is also the camera. Oh well. Have to buckle down a little bit. I've at least stopped spending so much money at work for lunches. I've been trying not to go to the cafeteria at work anymore. I was spending upwards of $10 per day there. Ya, ridiculous, I know.

Lately it has been a few frozen things and some pb&j from home. Working OK so far. I'm still spending $1 or $2 every other day for a couple cans of soda at work though. It's not bad, but better than $1.50 for ONE bottle of soda.

I just have to be a bit more strict in controlling my own spending. Maybe I'll wander around the apartment today and see what else I can eBay...

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