I hate TV more and more.

I can't really pinpoint what initially created my distaste for everyday TV... but I know what sparked it recently. Well it could have been a couple things, actually.

I think it started with the blatant and ridiculous Subway commercial in the middle of Chuck. No, not in the middle of a commercial break... in the middle of the FUCKING EPISODE. You can check out what I'm referring to on Youtube. It was ridiculous.

I can understand (and cope with) commercials during the commercial breaks. I can also accept some subtle product placement in TV shows and movies... SUBTLE... even if obvious. But that Subway crap was just absurd. Let me watch my TV shows and ignore the commercials as I wish.

It continued with the subsequent episode of Chuck. Well, actually it was during a commercial break this time. Things were a bit reversed. It seemed that Honda used Chuck's character/voice as an advertisement for their new Insight.

Let me explain what I'm trying to get at... I want to watch TV when I watch TV. I don't want to see blatant commercials in my TV shows. I don't want my TV shows spilling into my commercials either. Leave Chuck out of commercials and leave the commercials out of Chuck. Problem solved.

Fucking greedy TV networks.

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