Had my wisdom teeth pulled this morning. Boy was that fun.

Actually that wasn't really too bad. Got there just before 9am, went in and sat down a few minutes later. The nurse asked a few questions and then hooked me up to some machines. Then the doctor came in and I got the gas. Two or three minutes later I got an IV and probably very shortly after that the injection went in and I was out. I didn't even have to count backwards or anything.

Woke up a bit later (half hour? forty-five minutes?) and they moved me to the recovery room for another 20 minutes or so. After lying down there for a few minutes (mostly awake) I had to actually pay for what they just did to me. And from what I was told afterward, everything went pretty well without any real complications.

More good news there - only turned out to be about $150 (instead of the $250-ish I was planning to pay). I guess they didn't need as much anesthesia as they initially quoted me. So that was a nice change.

Had to go to Walgreen's to pick up two prescriptions after that - one for normal pain and recovery and another for real pain as needed (haven't had to use it yet). I had to change my gauze 3 or 4 times before the bleeding stopped, but so far so good.

I had some OJ in the early afternoon to get something in me (since I hadn't had anything since dinner yesterday). Then I had some pudding for dinner and some Jello as a snack. Everything is OK so far that I know of.

I have another appointment in two weeks as a follow up. That should really be just to confirm everything is OK.

Tomorrow and Friday are the days I'm concerned with.... the pain could apparently increase. We'll see though.

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