I've been out of it for the last week or so. Then again, strep throat will do that to a guy.

I was dead tired last weekend and by the time Monday rolled around and I went in to work, I knew something was wrong. Fever, chills, headaches... oh, and a sore throat. Got myself a Dr's appointment and a prescription. So I've got that going for me... with another 4 or 5 days worth of pills left.

I FINALLY got my summer tires mounted and put my snows in storage. And now with two sets of wheels, when winter comes along and I have to switch up again, I can just do it myself in about 20 min. No comment on the new tire performance yet, considering that they still need to be broken in... but eventually I'll have something to say about them.

Going to dinner at Mom's tomorrow. Hopefully going a bit early to get some more car work done. Still need to rewire my amp (4 gauge FTW) and try to put that rear strut tower bar in. I might try to do my brakes too... but don't think I want to mess with the bleeding tomorrow. New pads and speed bleeders to do as soon as time becomes available.

Oh... I spilled Amp in my keyboard too. 🙁

It made me sad when keys started randomly not working. But then I took it apart and cleaned it out (every key, every piece of plastic). Works like a champ now.

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