If you've been playing along, you by now know that I no longer have access to my credit score from my WaMu credit card. It has officially changed to Chase and that feature is no longer available. So what is a guy to do?

I just want to try to track my credit score as I attempt to rebuild my credit... I don't want some stupid "monitoring" service. And the free credit report from the government doesn't give the actual score. It helps to check your info and all, but no score, less useful.

I have found an alternative. Credit Karma appears to offer your credit score, for free, no bs. Sign up in about 2 minutes and there's your credit score. It works. You can check it as often as you like and it should have zero side effects on your credit (according to them).

I strongly suggest reading through their FAQ and other info on the site... but it seems totally legit. I've read around the internet and all the reviews are good. They have an A- rating with the BBB which appears to be just because they haven't been in business very long.

Their business model is just an ad-supported one. So instead of charging subscription fees for "monitoring" services, they make money through ads. The credit info is provided by TransUnion - so be advised that if you look up your score there, it could differ significantly from any previous score you've seen if it was from one of the other bureaus.

I signed up yesterday and have yet to be spammed with any junk or any other crap. Even another guy at work signed up and all is well there.

So there's no point in reporting on my credit score change right now because it's actually lower than what I was seeing at WaMu but I'm guess that is because WaMu used Experian and this is different. So expect an update on this front next month. But I'm back in business here, it seems.

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