Keep 'Em Coming

It seems like Time Warner Cable is getting its ass in gear with regards to HD channels. I noticed recently that they had finally (FINALLY!) added ABC HD. Yay for PSU games in HD! They had also added CBS HD at that time as well... but who really watches CBS?

Last week I saw that they added SPEED HD as well. Yay for Formula 1 races in HD! Oh... and USA HD also got added. That allowed me to watch only the season finale of Burn Notice in HD. Oh well, at least it was something.

I was checking today and noticed that I now also have FX HD and SciFi HD. Kick ass.

What could be better? How about the option of the Big Ten Network in HD? Ya, that's right. This year (if I order that channel) I will be able to watch EVERY televised PSU game in HD. Awesome.

Now I just need a bigger TV.

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