Gram Lights T57-RC

Gram Lights T57-RC

I. Want. These. Wheels.

Of course I'm always in the market for wheels. Of course I never really have the money. Though today was Goalsharing day... so it's an extra payday plus some more $. Technically, I do have the money for wheels today.

If I were to purchase wheels, realistically, I'd probably end up with some Enkei RPF1s... since they're only 15lbs per wheel. And lighter wheels = better performance. They're top dog there. Pretty much the racing wheel to have. Some day.

These wheels? Gram Lights. What I would like to think is a pretty reputable brand. They're probably good quality. And unfortunately for my conscience and decision making ability, they're on sale at Tire Rack. Ya, sale... for $270/wheel. Ouch.

In a perfect world, I'd have 3 sets of wheels/tires. Crappy OEM wheels with snow tires for winter. Bad ass looking wheels with some decent summer tires for... summer. And then a set of super light wheels with some super grippy summer tires (or racing tires) for autox.

A perfect world, this is not.

Buy these wheels, I will not. 🙁

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