Where Were We?

Oh, ya... money.

February is a short month... but that doesn't make it any less excruciating when it comes to financial situations. All of my accounts have cycled through to new statements and payment periods. Yup... time for an update.

So checking back in on last month, I had reduced my revolving debt to $9030.23 for a difference of $187.47 month to month.

This month, I did a little better - mostly because I was able to pay off one (small) account. I paid off my Best Buy, which was roughly $300. So where am I at now?

Current revolving debt: $8475.80
Difference, month to month: $554.43

Ya, that's a nice drop - but like I said, that's b/c I was able to pay off one lump item. Which actually brings me to my goalsharing... what am I to do with it?

I think I will be paying off my 401k loan. By the time I actually go to pay it and send the money, it should be somewhere around $875. The payment is about $26 per paycheck, (biweekly) so that should free up a theoretical $52 per month that can then theoretically go towards paying something else off. 🙂

In theory, of course.

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