Up until today I've been using a Blackberry 7130e for my work phone. It is practically a dinosaur in the Blackberry world. No, really... this thing is OLD. But it was still functional and (unfortunately) dependable.

Luckily a few events fell into place that allowed me to finally give up that 7130 for a Storm. Yes, the all-touchscreen-all-the-time Blackberry Storm. I've read the reviews and heard the rumors and even touched one a little while back. I wanted one. And now I had it.

I've been playing around with it since about 10am today and am slowly getting a little more comfortable with it. I do actually like it so far. I really enjoy some of the features that weren't there on my 7130 and the fact that I don't have to scroll my finger to select something and change a setting. The touchscreen has a great picture and is a bit more responsive than I expected.

I'm still learning a lot of it and customizing and playing around... but I do have one complaint. The typing accuracy SUCKS. If you don't know how it works, your finger touches the screen to hover on a letter and then you press down to click and type that letter. Well the hovering is the part that seems to suck and then cause me to screw up my typing.

I'm really just trying to take it slow when typing and see if I can just control myself instead of trying to be the fastest Storm typer there is. I'm hoping that it's just because I'm not used to it and I still have to adjust and learn it. Time will be the judge here... I'll keep at it and hopefully it'll be a bit better down the road.

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