She's So, Like, Awesome

While I kind of agree with "Bristol's" views on abstinence and it just not really being realistic for teenagers and sex ed kind of stuff, I really wish someone would have coached her for this interview or something.

My grammar and speech are far from perfect... but I try to at least sound like a grown up. Most of the time. I also realize this girl is only 18, but she has at least been through high school (or is finishing, whatever). I don't know if she was actually a cheerleader at some point or not... but she sure, like, totally sounds like it.

CNN's article on the interview includes a number of quotes from Bristol (good god, what kind of a name is that?). Out of probably 6 or 7 full quotes just in the story, she used the word "like" eight times. And not even in any sort of comparison - in a totally stereotypical cheerleader girl kind of way.

Like I said, I know she's 18... but come on. I can't even imagine how the whole interview went.

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