A Dilemma

Part of me really wants to pay down some debt and get on the road to a house within the next couple years. Part of me really wants to get a set of coilovers for my car this year.

Paying down debt has a lot of benefits, but it is unlikely that I'll end up with enough left over to get some coilovers. It improves my credit and gets me just a little more financially stable - both good things. I really have way too much debt... and it needs to be a priority.

Coilovers on the other hand... well, they would be really just a pleasure thing. Do I need need them? Nah. So why bother? What's the point? Racing.

I have very few real hobbies. I obviously have computers... and I play some video games now and then... but racing. Man, racing is where the fun is. That's what I'd really be doing if I had my way. My current springs and struts are OK... but the spring rates seem to suck and they're still pretty soft. I get a lot of bounce and roll still. The proper set of coilovers would up the spring rates a lot and really stiffen it up. Better cornering, better handling overall.

Can I get the same performance out of something else, maybe a little less expensive? Very unlikely. I plan on adjusting my sway bars, but that won't do nearly as much.

In the end... at this point, I'll probably still go with the debt option, but it'll hurt.

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