New Tires, Again

It's about that time of year again... tire shopping season is approaching.

I've narrowed down to three choices at this point. Last year's choice... the Falken Azenis RT-615 - which is kind of the "tried and true" autocross tire. Used by many, loved by all. It's a fantastic budget option. A new comer and competitor to the 615, the Kumho Ecsta XS is also now a choice. It's apparently a brand new tire but apparently early reviews are positive. The last choice is the Dunlop Direzza Z1 Star Spec.

Here's what I got:

- Azenis RT-615: $121/tire x 4 = $484 + $0 shipping = $484.00
- Ecsta XS: $120/tire x 4 = $480 + $48.40 shipping = $518.40
- Direzza Z1: $138/tire x 4 = $552 + $0 shipping = $552.00

From what a few people have said, the Z1 is one of the top tires (along with the Bridgestone Potenza RE01-R - but at $188+ per tire, no thanks). So the little extra $ might be worth it if the grip is there. Plus there's the benefit of having tried run on multiple tires and being able to compare. I'd also like to assume that the wet traction is MUCH better on the Z1 than the 615. Holy crap those are awful in the rain.

This is also not including mount/balance for all 4 tires (on the second set of wheels I have) and then eventually an alignment. Total for both? Something like $130 or so. Ya, that brings the total for the Z1s up to nearly $700. But that's for my year of fun... so it's kind of worth the money. 🙂

Decisions! Decisions!

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