A followup to my previous post about Progressive and my continually climbing insurance...

I had emailed their customer service last night to inquire about their "inexperienced operator" charge, considering how long I've had my license. I got a reply this morning basically saying to fax them a copy of my license (and whatever an MVR is... maybe motor vehicle report? driving record of some sort?).

That was dumb... but I figured I'd call to find out what the MVR thing was. Before I could even get to that, I explained why I was calling to the guy (Rick, I think was his name) and he immediately offered to go ahead and fix it - since it was obviously a mistake. He mentioned I may have selected the wrong option for years driving somewhere... since their record showed 2. I'm really not sure where that would have been though - considering I've had them for over 4 years now.

Anyway, he made the correct and my upcoming policy will now go down by $68.

The part that impressed me though was that he offered to go ahead and refund the last 6 months worth of overpayment (about $62). So that should be deposited anytime into my checking account.

So by calling and asking about this thing that had been on my policy for a while, I just saved myself about $130 overall. Not bad.

Between this and the experience I had in filing the claim this past fall for my rear bumper, I can definitely recommend Progressive if you're insurance shopping.