Insurance Sucks

Either I need to find another insurance carrier or another car.

My insurance has gone up... again.

"Thank you for being a Progressive customer since 2004." Now don't mind while we raise your rates again. Thing is that I don't think it is necessarily Progressive's fault (I'm looking into it though, more on that in a second). I think a lot of it has to do with my car... which makes me sad. There was some study recently that included the tC as one of the cars "more likely to be involved in a road violation."

Great. Though many of us normal tC owners have known this for a while. Mommy and daddy buy their perfect little angel a new car ... and they go out and total it trying to be a bad ass or get a speeding ticket thinking they're a race car driver.

Ironically, I do race my car... but I do it legally, on a course, sanctioned by the SCCA. Not on the streets.

I'm also still listed as an "inexperienced operator" which includes an apparently $68 charge added to my premium. I emailed them today when I found out about the increase and asked how at 28 (at the time the policy will be valid) I would still be considered "inexperienced." I'd like to know if there are any actual criteria for this or if it is just because I'm a guy. Maybe there's some age requirement to go with it? But really, I've been driving for 12 years now, with 4 of those years being under the Progressive umbrella.

Why can't I get a break on this crap?