Fastest Return Ever

My tax refund was deposited this morning - less than 7 days after I filed. That is crazy.

I didn't even use any sort of "rapid refund" deal. I just filed online using H&R Block's TaxCut software and paid for the $15 package with the audit support and what not.

There is also a free version on the same site (which Jen used) but I used the next step up. Oddly enough Jen used the free one and filed a day before I did and isn't supposed to get her refund until some time next week. I don't know if that is maybe and unspoken "benefit" of using the paid version?

Either way, doesn't matter to me. I have my money now and I also get paid next week. I was able to go ahead and schedule some bills to be paid today too. Nothing out of the ordinary, just figured that since I knew the money was in there now, I might as well go ahead and schedule some payments. One of which was for my Best Buy card - to pay it off. I was basically planning to do this soon anyway, so the taxes didn't really help that too much, other than allowing me to do it a week or two sooner. But that is one bill down. Many to go.

I wonder when I'll get my state refund...

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