The Sky is Falling!

Yes... there are layoffs all over the country right now. Yes, my employer is affected. Yes, I still have a job.

For now.

Here's the deal: Corning is going to lay off about 3500 by the end of the year. First up are going to be voluntary layoffs for people "qualified" for a package. No idea how many are qualified or how "voluntary" it actually will be. But I believe that part is going to start soon...

Beyond that, nothing else will be announced (as to specific areas affected and actual numbers) until about mid-March - basically after bonus checks go out.

Am I worried? How can I not be? Unemployment isn't that enticing, considering I probably would not get what I'm making now, and living paycheck to paycheck, it would get REALLY tight around here. On the other hand, I would like to believe that I do my job well enough that if anything were to happen in our department, I hope I would be valuable enough to be able to stay. But I don't make those decisions.

What would I do if something happened? Not really sure. I do know I would at least try to find another job, if I can get anything that pays more than unemployment might be (let alone anything at all).

No matter what happens though, there isn't too much I can do about it. Best thing I can do is just keep doing my job and try to show enough reason that if something were to change, I would be worth keeping.

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