Taxes are Done

Finally was able to file my taxes today. Had been waiting for my W2 and really had no idea when it would arrive. Today was that day.

And it seems the list of other forms I have to include is growing. Initially it was just a 1098E for my student loan interest. This year, I have more. I had the same 1098E, but also a 1099-INT for Interest Income from my checking account. And then today I received a 1099-DIV for my stock dividend (though it was only $4.73, so I'm not sure it was worth mailing).

I can only assume this will get worse each year as I take on more financial items (house?).

Anyway, taxes are done and filed (efiled both). As you can probably tell from reading my site, I'm not afraid of sharing my financial situation... so here's what I'm getting:

Federal: $1001 refund
State (NY): $96 refund

Not bad considering I was only planning on $800-something from my federal return. I had previously estimated my return from my final paystub of 2008 - turns out it was off by a small amount so I ended up with more than I had thought. Which of course, that outcome is certainly preferable to estimating the other way and getting less.

Let's hope that "in as little as 10 days" holds up and I get it soon.

EDIT: It seems the IRS has already accepted my federal return. And they have a timeline this year for processing. I can expect my return somewhere around the 6th of February.

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