It's that time of the month... debt update!

So I think all of my accounts have posted their new statements and my revolving debt is now down to: $8842.76. This is compared to $9030.23 at the end of last month for a difference of $187.47 (compared to last month's difference of $171.65).

Not a huge drop, but I'm at least below $9k again. That makes me happy. I also started a new plan of paying only minimum on all but one account. Then use the few $ extra from the other accounts to focus on that one account first. Get that paid off faster and use the money that was going to that to focus on another single account (while still paying minimums on the others). So it was a little different strategy than previous months.

Unfortunately I'm still waiting for my W2 to see how I'll make out for taxes and we don't have our final goalsharing numbers from work. So I don't know exactly what will come of paying off my collection account.

There was also a new development that I read about today on my WaMu site. I noticed a week or two ago that there some notice about them being taken over by Chase (JP Morgan Chase, I guess). I thought "oh, OK, that's fine. this happened once already since i've had the account when they were still Providian."

Then I read into the details of it. Some of you may know that a large part of why I've kept that account this far is because they show me a free, simple snapshot of my credit score (along with a 12 month history chart). Apparently Chase has no plans to continue to offer this free service. . .

Now they want to charge $8/month for the Chase credit services. FUCK THAT.

I did send an unhappy message through my WaMu message center... but it won't go anywhere. This change is supposed to take affect in early March. So I'm considering just paying that off ASAP and closing it so they don't get any more of my money if they're going to take away this service.


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